Ben Lanz

Doctor of Chiropractic


Ben Lanz is the owner and primary trainer at CrossFit Upheaval. He has a rich background in Athletics as well as health and wellness.

Professionally Ben has been both on the Clinical side of Health and the Practical “hands on” aspect of Health. Prior to owning CrossFit Upheaval Ben worked as a Chiropractic Doctor in Boulder, CO. After Several years of working with Chronic health issues Ben was given the opportunity to either start a Chiropractic practice or start a gym. Wanting to fix the underlying problems of the many chronic health issues he was seeing the decision to open CrossFit Upheaval in 2013 was made.

Athletically, Ben has always been involved in competition and sport at the highest of levels. At the young age of 14 he was a mountain bike state champion and went on to race professionally throughout college. After “retiring” from cycling Ben was left with a competitive void and began to lift weights and was fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the early coaches in the world of CrossFit. Quickly he was drawn to the world of Competitive CrossFit and competes professionally in CrossFit to this day.

But more than Business and Competition Ben loves to interact with people and get to know them and their needs. His ultimate goal is provide them with the tools that are needed to lead pain free and functional lives full of adventure.