Our Mission

We are a community of STRONG people who have been tested by life. We are hungry to be the best that we possibly can be. It is our goal to empower those who are hungry for change and want to be silly strong both mentally and physically! Join CrossFit Upheaval and The Squat Factory’s systematic training program and become TRULY strong today!

What we offer

At CrossFit Upheaval and The Squat Factory we provide a systematic training system that utilizes functional movements at high intensity to create a physical change aka. getting you super fit! 

The system is simple and has been developed and based on over more that 10 years of experience in both practical training settings as well as a clinical setting. 

Our primary focus is on the individuals fitness which is ultimately based on their personal goals. If you want to just be fit for day to day activities we want to help just as much as if you wanted to be an elite athlete! How we go about doing this is THREE FOLD.  

First, we focus on individuals movement quality and their ability to do exercises in a pain free manner. This involves looking at ones muscle flexibility, joint mobility and strength/muscular imbalances that may or may not be present. By addressing this with stretching and strengthening exercises we can vastly decrease the likelihood of injury. 

Secondly, we will test and re-test ones fitness through a series of benchmark workouts as well as tracking strength gains in movements such as the squat and press. This will give us an idea of whether we are doing the right things or not for that athlete. 

Lastly, and arguably most important is that we provide a motivating and fun environment that will help keep people returning and therefore improving. Its plain and simple, if you have fun doing something you will keep on doing that thing. That is our goal, to keep things fun while still having them be extremely effective and beneficial. 

CrossFit Upheaval is for EVERYBODY just so long as you want to be better than you were yesterday. We look forward helping you achieve your goals and know that it will be an amazing journey that you’ll never regret! Sign up for a FREE CLASS today!