Shannon Lanz

-Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

-ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Shannon is hands down one of the most amazing trainers, she has the ability to truly bring out the best in an individual. He personality is such that you feel like you have known her for your whole life and wish to continue to know her for the rest of your life!

troy and shannon


Shannon was raised in Bayfield, CO and was involved in sports from a young age primarily volleyball. Following high-school Shannon attended Ozark Christian Collegewhere she graduated with a degree in Biblical literature. During this time Shannon struggled with her weight and body image. These were some of the lower points in Shannon’s life in regards to her confidence and health.

Fast forward more than 7 years and Coach Shannon is a transformed individual! She is doing things that she would not have even dreamed about during previous times in her life. Whether it bedoing a handstand, pullups, PR’ing a snatch of clean Shannon is tackling each task at hand with confidence and a smile! CrossFit has given Shannon this opportunity to live life, to be a better Mom, Wife and Trainer!

Come in and meet Coach Shannon and have her help with your dreams or even help you re-define your dreams! Shoot for the Stars and achieve those goals!

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