Drop ins

$20 per session

Anything less than 3 class sessions, if more than 3 class sessions look at our Punch cards. Our classes are by signup so please contact us prior to drop in.

Punch Cards

$15 per session!

You must sign up for 3 or more sessions to be eligible for this pricing. They expire within in a year.

Membership Options 

Unlimited Membership- $160/month
– Monthly Body Composition Testing
– Macronutrient diet breakdown.
– Access to rehab modalities.
– Student/Military Price: $140/month

5x/week Membership – $140/month
– Body Compostion Testing every month
– Student/Military Discount: $120/month

3x/week Membership – $120/month 
– Body composition testing every 3 months
– Student/Military Discount: $100/month

2x/week membership – $80/month

Student/Military Discount: $60/month

*students must be full time students


All Membership change requests must be emailed to 10 days prior to the 1st of the month. (Example: If you want to stop AutoPay for May, the email to stop the May Membership would need to be emailed by April 20th.) Failure to notify by the deadline will result in the payment for the next month processing. No refunds will be processed.

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