Happy new year! Back to classes and getting after those fitness goals! Come in and check out classes this week.

Bench Press

Tempo 8×8

3 second count on the way down!




KB swings 35/26



Ring Toes to Bar

KB swings 70/53

Leaderboard and Workouts

Hey guys!

Trying to get super sophisticated here at Upheaval! You guys can log your results in the ZP app and there will be an online leaderboard that we can all log WOD results as well as PRs etc!

Please sign up for classes and let’s track our fitness!

Daily WOD Update

Hey Guys!

The daily WOD will no longer be posted via the website or email. It will be available for viewing on the Zenplanner member app. It will be under the workout section in the app.

I would also appreciate you guys signing up for class as well! It really does help me out! Tracking attendance and getting some metrics for the business.