Memorial Day

Hey Guys, First off. All classes will happen tomorrow. We will be moving Murph to the 4th of July most likely and will do a half MURPH somewhere between now and then. We don’t want anybody to get sick from going into something so hard after taking off 8 weeks prior! Instead of Murph we will be completing the Workout:
“21 Guns”
21 min AMRAP
400 m Run
21 Pushups
21 Box Jumps
15 Burpees
9 Pullups

Furthermore, I will be sending out emails over the next few days hopefully that will be giving all current members access to a signup with an APP Called Push Press. I will be requiring that signup. For example if nobody signs up for 5:30am or there is a gap in classes in the evenings and nobody is signed up we will not be there. At some point I will also be looking to have a minimum of two people to constitute a class (so bring a friend!).

I believe that is all and I love you guys and look forward to getting super fit this summer!

Coach Ben