Ben Lanz – Head Trainer

Dr. Lanz

Doctor of Chiropractic 
BS Human Anatomy
NSCF personal trainer

Ben Lanz has a diverse background and brings a wide variety of experience and learning to the table as a coach.

Originally he was an athlete in the endurance world of  cycling. At the young age of 13 mountain biking was a passion that quickly let to a State Championship and fed naturally into road bike racing. The next 7 years were spend working up to a collegiate and semi-professional level of racing spending time with such coaches as Eddy Borysewicz, Rick Crawford and primarily racing collegiately for Fort Lewis and their national championship cycling team. His racing career was abruptly cut short by the drug culture of cycling and his desire to compete cleanly and without PED’s.

These events led to Bens decision to take his exercise physiology undergraduate background and move to a doctorate program in the field of Chiropractic. This decision was made based the love of the human body and how it functions. During these years of education he was able to interact and learn from the likes of Lon Kilgore and Mark Rippetoe while attending Midwestern State University. It was also at this time that he began personal training at gyms such as Bally’s and LA fitness and employing the education he was obtaining and delving in to the world of CrossFit and functional fitness.

At the conclusion of his education Ben moved to Boulder, CO to begin practicing as chiropractor. For 2 years he treated a myriad of back and neck aches and pains that ultimately were related to individuals lack of function and poor postural control that can ultimately only be remedied by a lifestyle change. This realization led the decision to move from a chiropractic career to a career in the health field that he believed would truly “fix” the pain and dysfunction that people were experiencing. Thus CrossFit Upheaval was born in Austin, Texas.

Athletically, Since cycling Ben has actively been competing as a CrossFit athlete and boasts such feats as a top 200 finish in the CrossFit Open, a 475lb backsquat, 415 Front Squat, 230lb Snatch, 320lb Clean and a 2:10 Fran time. At the age of 28 there is a lot of desire and room for competition in the future.

It is Dr. Lanzs desire to forge athletes of all levels and take them to their highest potential. Whatever specific goals an individual has he wants to help take you there by applying a detailed, scientific method that will ensure results.


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