New schedule

Hey guys… after talking to some of y’all we are going to be making a few alterations to the schedule.

AM Classes


5:30-6:30 CrossFit

6:30-7:30 Open Gym


9:00-10:00a Crossfit

PM Classes


4:00-5:00 CrossFit

5:00-6:00 Open Gym

6:00-7:00 CrossFit

This should be a bit more conducive for school schedules and schedules that need to have people at work on time in Austin.

Open gym will still be considered a “class” that you must sign up for. You can utilize this time to practice skills, do gymnastic, weightlifting or strength work that is programmed by CF Upheaval aka our “tracks”. We would appreciate you not doing a ton of outside programming without our approval for safety reasons. We have always tried to keep our programming safe and effective. There will always be coaches present for answering questions but they likely will be working out as well.

Also, if you can not make it to class on time you are welcome to come at the half hour and do movement prep and the MetCon and finish strength afterwards during open gym or visa versa.

This new schedule will begin as of Aug 1 (wed)

Thanks for being awesome guys!

Ben and Shannon

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