Gym Updates

Hey Guys! Wanted to put up a few general updates…

• First: with the holidays and family coming to town we will be wanting to make you aware of our punch card type of membership or long term guest drop in. It is $15 per day if you purchase more than three classes and it doesn’t expire. There will be a sign up board for punch cards where you can sign in for the day and I can keep track of you.

• Second: Shannon Lanz does a lot of corrective type of work with y’all including, rolling, stretching, cupping, trigger point work and activation work. First of all you should go see her to have her work on you, she is really good at what she does! Secondly, in order to make sure all is fair she will be only working on people for $1/min, in 10 minute increments (sign up on the board). She would prefer to have some notice of when you want to have her work on you so she can plan accordingly. Also, this needs to be during class hours not after 7pm… so talk to her and squeeze it in where you need to.

• Third: I would love it if you guys would sign up for classes online. Not going to freak out if you don’t but it really helps me plan my days. If you need help setting that up let me know!

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