Hey guys! Everybody ready for 17.1?! Looks like a gasser! But it’s gonna be a blast! Here is how it’ll work for tomorrow!

Classes will consist of 15 min to warmup/setup as well as practice movements. There will be 2 heats of 4 people running at a time. You will also need a counter who is not me or Shannon unless you are the only athlete competing! Be a friend and count for them in the next heat! 😜

Also, there will be no delays in start times for bathroom breaks etc. So handle that biz before you start!

0-15 min: warmup
15-35 min: heat 1 (4 athletes)
35-40 min: reset time
40-60 min: heat 2 (4 athletes)

Front/OH squat

10 DB Snatch 50/35
15 box jump overs 24/20
20 DBS
15 BJO
30 DBS
15 BJO
40 DBS
15 BJO
50 DBS
15 BJO
20 minute time cap